Start Something Solutions is a brand and marketing advisory firm that helps you implement strategies to ensure your company is connecting with consumers better.  We serve as your strategic marketing arm, your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and partner with various local and national agencies to ensure a seamless implementation of your marketing goals.  Using the voice of your target customers and methods perfected with years of managing and launching large brands, we base our recommendations on what your shopper truly wants from your business.  We love to collaborate with our clients to solve their business issues, whether it's analyzing the marketplace, identifying your unique proposition, or delighting your consumers.  Our founder has always believed in giving back, including teaching entrepreneurs in the university setting, serving on local non profit boards, and donating 10% of her fees and time to the startup community. 

With twenty years of sales and marketing expertise (and a penchant for new product and new business development), the founder of Start Something Solutions, Janelle Hanneman Aslam, is passionate and results oriented.  Janelle has an MBA from Cornell University and a Bachelors from Miami University (the one in Ohio).  After graduating from Miami, she worked as a business analyst, account manager, and marketing manager for Nestle Purina.  She also created a best in class internship program at Nestle.  She then aided SC Johnson in developing their shopper marketing role,  including consulting with several northeast retailers.  While she loved working for SC Johnson, she left for a New Jersey based company so she could manage a brand and be close to her husband's family.  She started on the Claritin brand team and then spent the next two years launching Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotics.  After a buyout from Merck, Janelle joined Hisamitsu to bring Salonpas to the US.  Most recently, Janelle served as Director of Marketing for Freshpet, building the brand, launching several new products and implementing processes to aid the rapid growth of the organization.

I truly enjoyed having Janelle in our team; she is a joy to collaborate with. Because of her many years as a brand manager, launching so many creative products into the market, she was a wealth of information about streamlining product development, evaluating competitive products, consumer testing, and finding creative ways to turn customer conversations into amazing product opportunities. Janelle is very talented, wise, and business savvy. She always had a creative, positive outlook and is really good at organizing projects. You will be happy you decided to work with Janelle.
— Lynn Lye, VP Product Development, Freshpet
Janelle has been a trusted advisor and mentor to me all along my fifteen year journey as an entrepreneur. Her strategic thinking and ability to understand and apply consumer insights has assisted me in making important decisions. Janelle is genuine in her desire to help others grow and be successful.
— Kristen Levine, Founder of Fetching Communications